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Subversive hairstyles?

There’s a series of ads for hair gel that show young people in various repressive regimes expressing themselves by, er, restyling their hair.

OK in adland. But not in Mexico.

An email arrives from Eulette at Amnesty International:

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely had some interesting hairstyles in my time. Those who knew me a few years ago wouldn’t have been surprised to see me with a different hairstyle every other week. I’ve always taken for granted that I could express myself through my hair and never once thought I could be attacked for it.

But it seems as though that’s exactly what’s happened to a 16 year old student and graffiti artist in Mexico. Amnesty International has received reports that José Emiliano Nandayapa Gomez was beaten unconscious by police officers in Chiapas state in southern Mexico and was apparently accused of having a “subversive” hairstyle.

Three police officers are alleged to have kicked and punched 16-year-old Jose, stepped on his back, head and legs. They’re then reported to have said to him “what a lovely subversive haircut you have, here’s your revolution, get the weapons and the drugs out.” They went on to tell him, “if you keep on the same path, you won’t live to tell the tale.”

They then kicked him in the face and he lost consciousness.

Amnesty’s expressed concern about the news of this case. Perhaps more so because we know that just a few months ago a 16-year-old graffiti artist was shot and killed in another part of the same state – San Cristobal de las Casas.

Amnesty is urging its supporters to urge Mexican authorities to guarantee the safety of José and his family. You can click here for more information and to take action.


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Potato parade

My Uncle Richard (honorary uncle – married to Mum’s best friend) has spent his life working in potato marketing.

No marketing needed where I’m concerned! However I don’t think he ever came up with anything quite like this.

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Is marketing better in black and white?

Very clever ad from First Direct.

They show clips from old films of people getting treats from friendly retailers – a buttonhole from the florist, a bone for the dog from the butcher, a lollipop from the corner shop – all part of the nostalgia for traditional customer service in an uncertain consumer world.

(They are not alone: other current ads using old film promote products as diverse as baked beans, yoghurt and energy suppliers.)

The punchline – ‘banking is better in black & white’ – plays on First Direct (or rather trendily lower case first direct) branding.

It’s a great ad. And it cunningly ignores the fact that as an internet bank, one thing first direct is not about is old-fashioned, face-to-face, high street service.

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Dancing in the (Liverpool) street

There’s a new TMobile ad, filmed in a crowded Liverpool Street station, where people suddenly start dancing.

If you’ve missed it, Wardman’s Wire has a clip. As the music changes, more and more ‘commuters’ suddenly join in, and the onlookers start using their mobiles to film it, tell their mates, etc.

Dancing in the street isn’t a new ad idea (see Mars Celebrations for one). But the TMobile film is fun and exuberant, and it’s a neat way of showing people with mobiles as being part of a shared event, rather than an anti-social intrusion on shared space.

Rich was walking along the station gallery on his way back from a meeting, and saw some of the filming – but for some reason they didn’t ask him to dance…..

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Health and wealth

The relationship between celebrities and health can be a lucrative one.

While some celebs lead obviously unhealthy lifestyles, others make money from sharing their own health regimes. There’s an annual surge in new year diet, exercise or lifestyle guides; and the magazines you read in the doctor’s waiting room often have health stories from the famous – like Jade Goody’s cancer treatment.

Other celebs do fundraising work for specific health charities or give their time to speak up for health causes because they want to make a difference. So you think the NHS could get celebrities to front public health campaigns for free. Especially when public services need every penny they can get.

But the Mail on Sunday has uncovered payments totalling almost £90k made by the Department of Health to celebrities to front public health campaigns. Lib Dem shadow health secretary, Norman Lamb, has written to the current Health Secretary Alan Johnson, asking him to reveal the total amount.

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Marketing not that super

Last year I blogged about the surreal world of celebrities advertising supermarkets at Christmas.

This year it’s got even weirder: I had an email from M&S advertising their ad… all very post-modern. And confusing given that the M&S ad features Take That – who are still warbling for Morrisons. And now we have Jason Donovan singing for Iceland. Can’t see Kylie doing that.

I’m not the only one bemused by this. The wonderful Wood Green bookshop blog expresses it all brilliantly.

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Keen as Mustard?

We’re used to getting estate agent flyers through the door – but today a message arrived that’s a bit different.

“Dear owner/resident,

We are currently scouting this area for film locations for a television commercial due to be aired nationally in the next few months.

We require access to a property in this neighbourhood where we are able to film in the downstairs living areas and a bedroom. The filming date will be either on the 17th or 18th of September with the timings yet to be confirmed.

We have a generous location fee to pay for the use of your property.

If you think your property may fit this brief and you are interested, please call myself on my mobile to discuss further, 07939 025 277. I will be in the area today and tomorrow looking at other locations.

Kind regards

Cloe Musker
Location Scout
For and on behalf of
The Mustard Film Company

I don’t think it’s for us, but if you have a corner of Canonbury to offer, then I’m sure Mustard would be keen to hear from you….. And it’ll be very interesting to see where they end up.

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