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Whittington campaign in the Gazette

The Islington Gazette has printed my piece on the Whittington march:

Hospital march was a truly moving experience

THE Whittington march was something special. To march alongside so many people from across north London, united in defending our local hospital, was truly moving.

Congratulations to Islington Council, the cross-party Defend The Whittington campaign, and everyone who helped make the march happen. The passion and anger of ordinary people made it huge.

It’s absolutely clear that lslington people value The Whittington and don’t want our A&E and maternity services to close. It’s much less clear who will take the decision on The Whittington’s future.

It’s absurd that while, locally, Labour MPs pledge their support, nationally their Government does nothing to intervene. We need to change the system to give us a locally accountable NHS that will improve our health services, not undermine them.

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Breast cancer referrals – still too slow

The Islington Gazette has picked up the figures I reported about the delays Islington women face in getting referrals after breast cancer screening.

As the Gazette says:

LESS than 40 per cent of Islington women suspected of having breast cancer are seen by a specialist within two weeks, it is claimed.

Bridget Fox, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South and Finsbury, has called on the Government to ensure Islington women are screened and seen quicker when at risk from breast cancer. Ms Fox said: “Two weeks’ delay for a woman with late-diagnosed breast cancer could mean the difference between life and death.”

So many families have been affected by the scourge of breast cancer. My own mother-in-law died before our wedding because her cancer was diagnosed late. Prompt diagnosis not only saves lives, it makes treatment less invasive – and expensive – too.

I hope (probably a forlorn one…) that one of the Government’s new year resolutions will be to spend less time talking about targets and more time helpng the local NHS to meet them.

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Gazette letters

The Gazette has two of my letters online this week – one on the Bradley Carty walk, and the other on Iraq.

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Fuel poverty campaign in the Gazette

The Islington Gazette has published my letter on the Fuel Poverty Bill – and Emily Thornberry’s shocking failure to vote.

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Fairer fuel bills campaign in the Gazette

The Islington Gazette is covering my fairer fuel bills campaign.

The online petition is here.

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More on Islington’s council tax debate

The Islington Gazette has a letter from Cllr John Gilbert.

Meanwhile there’s a whole page of letters in the Islington Tribune arguing both sides of the case – for a council tax freeze or for a rise in council tax to fund universal free school meals.

I’ve already made my views clear: we’ll find out the Council’s decision when they set the budget next Thursday.

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Clean air demo at Kings Cross

More coverage of our clean air demo in the Islington Gazette.

The photo, by veteran Gazette photographer Tony Gay, was nearly a story in itself. He had us lined up and leaning out like a chorus line, with buses and lorries whistling past our ears. Tony could see the traffic coming, but we couldn’t, so we had to trust him. It certainly gives us a genuine expression of concern in the photo!

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