Health and wealth

The relationship between celebrities and health can be a lucrative one.

While some celebs lead obviously unhealthy lifestyles, others make money from sharing their own health regimes. There’s an annual surge in new year diet, exercise or lifestyle guides; and the magazines you read in the doctor’s waiting room often have health stories from the famous – like Jade Goody’s cancer treatment.

Other celebs do fundraising work for specific health charities or give their time to speak up for health causes because they want to make a difference. So you think the NHS could get celebrities to front public health campaigns for free. Especially when public services need every penny they can get.

But the Mail on Sunday has uncovered payments totalling almost £90k made by the Department of Health to celebrities to front public health campaigns. Lib Dem shadow health secretary, Norman Lamb, has written to the current Health Secretary Alan Johnson, asking him to reveal the total amount.


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