Keen as Mustard?

We’re used to getting estate agent flyers through the door – but today a message arrived that’s a bit different.

“Dear owner/resident,

We are currently scouting this area for film locations for a television commercial due to be aired nationally in the next few months.

We require access to a property in this neighbourhood where we are able to film in the downstairs living areas and a bedroom. The filming date will be either on the 17th or 18th of September with the timings yet to be confirmed.

We have a generous location fee to pay for the use of your property.

If you think your property may fit this brief and you are interested, please call myself on my mobile to discuss further, 07939 025 277. I will be in the area today and tomorrow looking at other locations.

Kind regards

Cloe Musker
Location Scout
For and on behalf of
The Mustard Film Company

I don’t think it’s for us, but if you have a corner of Canonbury to offer, then I’m sure Mustard would be keen to hear from you….. And it’ll be very interesting to see where they end up.


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