Christmas shopping

Celebrities are all over the TV advertising the different stores. I might just about believe Twiggy at M&S, but Victoria Beckham in Tesco? I don’t think so… Private Eye exposed the fact that the Morrisons ad showing Lulu and other celebs shopping in the snow was filmed in Tunbridge Wells – where the Morrisons store has closed down. Yo ho ho.

A celebrity ad with a difference features Helen Mirren, Helena Bonham-Carter, Will Young and Rob Bryden, bemoaning the horror of tasteless Christmas gifts; and promoting Oxfam Unwrapped instead. My parents have sent us a brochure called ‘No more socks!’ from Life-giving Gifts. It works on the same principle; you can buy medicines or pigs, water supplies or teaching aids for communities in developing countries. The gifts include bedpans and toilets; not so much a Wii as, well, you get the picture.



  1. I like your Life Giving Gift idea. Christmas is so commercialized that it seems to be all about who can give the best present. Then the person receiving the present takes it back because it’s not what they wanted. I would rather buy nor presents for anyone and send the money that I would have spent to a program like Life Giving Gift.
    At least that way you know that the people receiving the gifts will really enjoy them and the presents will bring them joy. That is true Joy to the Word.

  2. bridgetfox said

    Thank you for your comment! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas when it comes (not long now).

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