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Percy`s girlfriend

Percy has acquired a girlfriend – or could have if he was interested.

For the last week or so, a very pretty cat, with lots of fluffy caramel coloured hair and big blue eyes, has been sitting on our garden wall wailing amorously. She’s sweet and affectionate to humans too, so our attempts to shoo her away have been rather half-hearted and totally unsuccessful.

You think my fat old cat would be flattered. Sadly Percy has always been more inclined to make war than love (if it was a tomcat spoiling for a fight, he’d be out there like a shot) and has reacted to her attentions by retreating indoors and curling up on the bed – alone.

So much for the joys of spring!

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Chocs away

I’ve just had the last of a lovely box of Charbonnel et Walker chocs, a present from Rich.

They were a great gift. The chocs are all delicious, a perfect daily treat. The packaging is very simple so you get more, not less, than you expect. Best of all, the plain white box came with a big red ribbon.

Percy has adopted it as his own: he loves to chase it, wrestle it, and drag it round the flat. It makes him look like a very portly rhythmic gymnast. Most unfair, since he’s not eaten any of the chocs himself.

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An offer I can refuse….

An email arrives.

Apparently I can own the domain “” for just $15 a year – what a bargain!

Having consulted an unrepresentative sample of my campaign team (partner Richard – derisory snort; cat Percy – disdainful stare) I think the answer must be no.

We are still considering however.

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Percy and planet say no to plasma

Despite the lure of the big screen, we’re not about to get a plasma TV.

It’s not (just) the money. We’ve nowhere to put it. We don’t have a fireplace to hang it over, the living room walls all have sofas or shelves, the current TV sits under the window.

Plasmas aren’t green. In fact they’re so un-green they may soon be banned.

And then there’s the cat. Percy has taken to sprawling on top of the TV, one paw dangling in front of the picture, thus combining his desire for elevation, warmth and attention.

A flatscreen just wouldn’t do.

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The grass is always greener….

Percy and I have just been through what seems to be a new morning routine.

His meat bowl is empty, his biscuit bowl is not. He looks at me hungrily. I give him a new helping of meat. He then starts eating the biscuits.

My friend Turhan told me the other day that the Turkish equivalent of “the grass is always greener” is “my neighbour’s chicken tastes like duck”.

I sense Percy would approve.

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Christmas is coming

As the ad says, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

The postman is bringing real post not just junkmail. Quiet houses are suddenly covered in festive lights – like 2 Rocliffe Street which is brightening its corner near the canal. So are Islington’s shopping streets, thanks to the Council: blue lights for a cool Yule.

The Christmas party season is in full swing. On Sunday night we celebrated after a happy carol service with drinks in the Crypt at St Mary’s. Last night was Islington Lib Dems mince pies & mulled wine do. And there’s still my work party to come. Will we make it to Christmas Day?

Richard wrestled his way home with the tree last weekend, and Percy has been getting used to this strange arrival in the living room. We have to wait until he’s stopped trying to climb the tree before we can decorate it….

There’s still some presents to buy, final cards to write, and holiday food to organise. Not to mention negotiating the logistics of who’s travelling where and when. But with a week to go, and a Ceremony of Carols on the radio, celebration is starting to take over from stress.

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Percy galore

The Sky box (cardboard variety) has been consigned to the recycling bin, as Percy has gone off it as a perch. He is currently draped elegantly on top of the TV (no flat screen here). It’s OK, he’s house-trained; my former inlaws had a new kitten, years ago, who peed on their video player. Try explaining that to the insurance company….

He likes to go where the attention is. Last night I was doing some paperwork, until Percy spread himself on top of my letters. As long as he stays off my laptop. A few weeks ago, Percy settled down on the keyboard while I was out of the room. I’m not sure how he did it, but he had plonked his posterior on a combination of buttons that had reset my screen at right angles. It must have taken him less than five minutes. It took me a lot longer to find the bit in Control Panel to fix it.

That was the home computer – the work laptop apparently holds no charms for Percy. Or is too small to be comfy for my fat cat. Unlike my work chair. Percy’s favourite trick is to slip into the home office when I break for lunch and go to sleep on my seat. As it’s a large black leather type chair, and Percy is a white cat, it gives him a slightly Bond villain air.

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