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A place by any other name…

Hazellville Road N19 is in the news – because new signs have spelled the street’s name wrong, as Hazelville. Nearby Warltersville Road is often misspelled as Waltersville too. The roads were named after the Mr Hazell and Mr Warlters who built them, so although Hazel and Walter may look more natural, they’re wrong.

Hazellville isn’t the only street to suffer. Hemingford Road (one m) in Barnsbury is often spelled wrongly as Hemmingford. The name is nothing to do with sewing but comes from the village of Hemingford Grey where the Thornhill family, who developed much of Barnsbury, were landowners. When I lived in Hemingford Road and was a local councillor for Barnsbury ward, I had to complain to TfL about the bus signs for the 153 route. They not only spelled Hemingford Road wrong, but also signposted ‘Barnesbury’ on the bus stop at Finsbury Park – both now corrected.

It’s hard to spell Islington wrong, but what about our neighbours to the north? The borough name is Haringey. The railway station is Harringay. There’s a Harringey Dental Care centre in Stroud Green Road. And the Grauniad calls it Haringay. Hazellville Road should be relieved to be this side of the borough boundary….


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What’s in a name?

Quite a lot it seems.

Residents in another Islington – the one in New South Wales – have successfully lobbied to get their street name changed.

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