On your Marx for Fair Votes

The next Fair Votes campaign stall, organised by the North London group of Take Back Parliament, will be this Sunday 19 September at Archway tube station, from 1pm.

The station is just down the hill from Highgate cemetery where Marx is buried. So what might Karl make of Fair Votes?

Well, in the “Address to the Central Committee of the Communist League”, Marx said
“Even when there is no prospect whatsoever of their being elected, the workers must put up their own candidates in order to preserve their independence, to count their forces, and to bring before the public their revolutionary attitude and party standpoint. In this connection they must not allow themselves to be seduced by such arguments of the democrats as, for example, that by so doing they are splitting the democratic party and making it possible for the reactionaries to win. The ultimate intention of all such phrases is to dupe the proletariat. The advance which the proletarian party is bound to make by such independent action is indefinitely more important than the disadvantage that might be incurred by the presence of a few reactionaries in the representative body.”

Not a big fan of barcharts and squeeze messages, one senses. With AV of course, such ‘split the vote’ arguments become irrelevant. Reformist or revolutionary, you can bring your dialectic to the Archway on Sunday.

For more information join the Facebook group, follow on Twitter, or email group organiser Martin Lake.


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