To the fellow unelected: reasons to be cheerful

Losing stinks, I won’t deny. I feel your pain. But take comfort.

Be proud. There is no shame in standing and losing, but only in not caring enough to take a stand.

You had the rare privilege of being chosen to stand for a cause and a community that matters to you.

Now someone else will have to do the casework. And the cuts.

Bank Holidays will now be holidays not extra campaign days.

You have time to go to that film, play, or exhibition, not just read about it.

You can do up your bathroom/kitchen/whatever, or go on holiday, without being accused of doing it on expenses.

You can go to your church, gym, school, swimming pool, or local pub without being ‘on duty’.

You can go shopping or for a drink without doing full hair and makeup first. Hey you can go for a drink full stop.

You’ve got your life back: enjoy it!



  1. Mark Pack said

    Beautifully put Bridget.

    • adriana said

      Yeah take a long long holidays pregerably away from Islington.
      How many comebacks are you planning to do?

  2. J, a Clerkenwell resident said

    Do you think politicians are the only people who have jobs that take over their lives? I’m afraid it isn’t so.

    If the whole thing was such a terrible burden on you, it’s perhaps a good thing you didn’t become our MP.

  3. Michael Wright said

    No old cliche will be a consolation. Take heart from your 150000 supporters.
    Hope that our medieval voting system overhaul will bring justice next time.
    Thanks for all your work
    Michael & Eileen Wright

  4. Alix said

    Well, I said there’d be no justice if you weren’t elected. And there isn’t! Thanks again for all your hard work on the DEBill. And enjoy having your life back (until next time at least!)

    • caroline said

      No justice? Bridget was the second most hated person in the borough after Steve Hitchens. People of Islington rejected her and her boss in 2005. Why would they want her back?

  5. John S said


    I voted for you last week. It is a great shame you didn’t win.

    But I can only say that I will never, ever vote for you or the Liberal Democrats again if the Liberal Democrats enter into some sort of Rainbow Alliance with Labour, the SDLP, the SNP, Plaid Cymru etc.

    Such a coalition would be utterly undemocratic. For a party like the Liberal Democrats, who claim to believe in electoral fairness to participate in a process by which laws will be passed for England in defiance of the will of the majority of English MPs and using the votes of Welsh, Scots and N Irish MPs who cannot pass similar legislation for their own constituencies.

    It would be a constitutional outrage.

    John S

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