We are engaged (and it’s love, not money!)

Richard and I are very touched by the kind messages we’ve received since we told friends about our engagement. It just seemed right to have that certainty in our lives at a rather uncertain time. Setting a date and a venue will have to wait til after the election!

Rich has been at my side through the highs and lows of the last five years, with his unique mix of modesty, good humour, common sense and loyalty. Kind, funny, and high-powered in his own job, he is incredibly supportive to me in my career (despite the fact that politics is not something he’d ever had much time for before we met). I’m a very lucky woman.

One thing that has NOT motivated us is the Tories’ ludicrous marriage tax break idea. The closer you examine it, the worse it looks. It wouldn’t help couples where both work. It wouldn’t help married woman abandoned by their partners – but it would help their philandering husbands on marriages number 2, 3, 4 or more.

You get married because you love each other and want to be together for ever. Not because of a tax break.



  1. Alix said


  2. Gordon said


  3. N1 Twittah said

    Sincere Congratulations!
    But PLEASE remove all references to it in any way ‘NOT being related to the Tory policy of tax-breaks’ – it only cheapens the actual event, and plays into the hands of your opponents.
    Good Luck.

    • adriana said

      that’s Bridget allright. anything for free publicity. Realistically who really cares?

  4. Antony@N1 said

    By the way, congratulations Bridget on your engagement which is what you expect to find here – any Labour fans pls go to the right forum next time!

  5. Marcus Kraehling-Smith said

    I am so happy for you both – you look a lovely couple- sometimes it takes time – it certainly did with me but I’ve got it right in the end as well – you have a new neice
    I wish you all the best tomorrow

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