Islington signs up to Microgeneration Manifesto

Like other Parliamentary candidates, I’m being showered with invitations to sign up to all sorts of good and interesting causes. The Microgeneration manifesto is a bit different in that it’s aimed at organisations like local councils, rather than individual candidates.

I think microgeneration is a fantastic idea. Small-scale local power generation reduces waste, improves security and diversity of supply, keeps energy bills down, creates local jobs and fights climate change: what’s not to like?

Nationally, LibDems are committed to a major shift to renewable energy, creating a new industrial revolution with Britain leading the world. LibDems in Islington have made a start, helping local groups finance solar panels, and putting wind turbines on some public buildings.

So I’m delighted to hear from Islington Council leader Terry Stacy that Islington has signed up to the manifesto. He writes:

“Delivering carbon reduction is a priority for us here in Islington, and
we were one of the first local authorities in the country to sign up to
– pledging to reduce emissions by 10 per cent by the end of the
year. As a Council we’re extremely supportive of the four objectives of
your Microgeneration Manifesto and are happy to offer our endorsement.

“I wish you every success in encouraging other local authorities to come
on board with this critical issue.”


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