Digital Economy Bill campaign – latest

It’s been a classic example of a week being a long time in politics.

Those who have been following this on twitter and the LibDem Voice postings and members’ forum will know where we are, but just to summarise:

– LibDem peers rightly wanted to amend the atrocious clause 17 in the Digital Economy Bill going through the Lords (Labour’s fault)
– to form a large enough block of votes do so, they had to work with the Conservatives, and got through amendment 120a (Tories’ fault)
– a number of leading LibDem campaigners are still very unhappy that this is too restrictive and at odds with our other values and policies (not our fault!)

So we
– sent an open letter to LibDem Voice and a private one to Nick
– are tabling an emergency motion to conference
– will continue to lobby our DCMS team on this important issue

To their credit the DCMS team are talking and our input has been encouraged. As I said on LDVoice, when the letter I’d co-ordinated arrived in the Leader’s office, I got a phone call thanking me: in another party I might have had a phone thrown at me!

As a key seat candidate, and a proud & loyal LibDem, I want our party conference to be a positive and upbeat event, showing our excellent manifesto policies to the electorate. An emergency motion that restates our liberal principles, and demonstrates our awareness of reality of the digital environment, will enhance this, not undermine it.


  1. Great work bridget.. many thanks 🙂

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  3. 3/08/2010

    This economy will not balance with this concept of a tax forum against the Health Care System. The issue of how to force pay into this system of Health Care may have worked but I am still troubled over the progressive tax forum within this Bill. It covers so many items and Countries that it only forces the system to adjust itself. In some areas, increases against the people and the troubled economy, and in other areas, less effects will be felt.
    But this is my big problem, Government Officials seek help and they are to proud to ask us, “the true working force of Government.” It is understandable they have failed the People and within the United States Of America all we ask is to see us as who we are and not try to bring us into this world of the intellectual. I guess our Prime Directive is that of Star Trek, so it must be understood that for millions of people we are just as happy as can be making $13.00 per hour and we have no interest in this world of politics, and how to be a Enstine. Government Officials must understand that there is a level of people within different parts of this Country, that seek to be only that they find to make them happy.
    As for this economy well, it is said that the U.S.A. Arms Division has created enough arsenal to destroy every last creature in the world 2 times over,built with tax dollars. This would be funny if not for the irony of it. And now as time has passed Government Officials keep failing. Before 9/11 all the way to today.
    1.As it is in a world of a system, when employees continue to fail, one or two things happen, one; you get fired, two; if you see into a person a good, then it is political correct to implement a penalty or roll back in pay. But this implement of penalty is more favored in the course of action in the Federal Employment World. So how to fix the economy and unite it with the Health Care issue. It would be in the Countries best interest to implement a 10% per cent penalty against every State, County and Government Official within this Matrix of failures. Hey what is that old saying, what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. I am serous about this, it is past due to show that our Government Officials they have failed, their system failure reaches into this world of warnings that they brush aside as if the information is not worthy noting. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11/2001 to 3/07/2010 of our tax system and Health Care Reform. This 10% per cent penalty should go into the Health Care Forum.
    2. The big problem that Government Officials have is that they have no street credit. President Obama still has some but if he does not take his family and step away from these dueling Parties, that fight over this Health Care Dollar, and stand with Us he will lose all credit from the streets to the county.
    3. President Obama, I would say to you, you have one last chance to regain the hopes and dreams of the American People. To reach out in a concept that states, if there is 250 million people in trouble because of these failures, I would give all my money to them and then I would say to all that I gave money to, “I have no money left, would you all please give me $1.00 back and then I would have $250. million dollars to start all over again.”
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  4. […] Bridget Fox brings us up to date with Lib Dem action on the Digital Economy Bill, where ‘It’s been a classic example of a week being a long time in politics’. […]

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