Something funny for the Weekend?

Tim Lovejoy (@timlovejoy to fellow Twitterers) posted a plea this morning. Comedian Sean Lock had to withdraw at short notice from Something for the Weekend, did people have any jokes for Tim to fill in?

For visiting Martians, SFTW is a BBC2 Sunday morning foodie/footy show so any jokes would need to be cheerful and family-friendly (and preferably foodie or footy or both).

Here are some of the responses

Two parrots on a perch: one says to the other, can you smell fish? (@TashTheBlade)

Two oranges walk in to a bar, one said to the other………your round! (@cjlees)

Andrew Lloyd-Webber goes into Burger King and asks for two Whoppers. The reply “You’re handsome and your music is great!” (@DarrenPayneUK)

Jonathon Ross has been arrested for shop lifting a kitchen utensil from Asda. Ross says it was a whisk he had to take (@Hillmania)

My own suggestion?

Man in a restaurant sees Oasis soup on the menu. Intrigued, he orders it but when the soup comes, it’s just ordinary tomato soup. He calls over the waiter. “Waiter, why is this called Oasis soup?” Waiter: [sings] “You gotta roll with it….”

Always makes me laugh.


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  1. Swapna said

    Nice post. Keep on posting.

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