Council tax freeze for Islington

It’s official – no council tax rise for Islington this year.

Last night’s Council meeting did go for a freeze, as I’d hoped and predicted.

Good news for Islington residents.


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  1. Councillor Andrew Cornwell said

    The Council did indeed vote for a headline freeze in Council Tax, with Lib Dem, Labour and Green members all supporting this.

    But over 43,000 Islington households will in fact see an increase in Council Tax this year, because the £20 discount for those paying by direct debit will come to an end, saving the council around £900,000 (once admin costs are taken into account).

    So, for example, if you are a Band D household paying by direct debit, the Islington part of your bill goes up from £941 to £961.

    That is a 2.1 per cent increase.

    This is not just something affecting a minority of people.

    According to the budget papers there are 86,000 taxable properties in Islington. Take off nearly 30,000 households on benefits who don’t pay Council Tax anyway, and that means the big majority of households who actually pay the tax will see a £20 increase this year.

    The direct debit discount scheme – introduced by the Lib Dems – was a big sucess in cutting collection costs for the council, reducing court summons, and then sharing the savings with residents. It was always going to come to an end at some point, especially in an economic recession, and I’m not questioning its withdrawal.

    Just take the claims of a ‘council tax freeze’, whichever party they come from, with a huge pinch of salt, as most Islington households will now pay more.

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