Learn without limits

Wonderful sequel to Michelle Obama’s memorable visit to EGA, as some Islington pupils got to visit the White House in return.

Michelle Obama’s philosophy that ‘whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude’ chimes perfectly with EGA’s motto of learning without limits.

One of the limitations on the school has been its buildings. I still remember the time when as a governor I was chair of finance at the school, being asked to approve emergency spending to replace a window that had simply fallen out of one of the blocks.

So it’s excellent news that the school has got planning permission for its rebuilding. I know that some of the neighbouring residents have concerns about the impact of the development, but I’m confident that rebuilding the school is the right result for the whole community.

The PFI financing is a different matter. Islington has been criticised for funding some projects by selling other buildings, but that can actually be a more prudent approach than the long-term PFI debt that Gordon Brown has landed on us.

Meanwhile the star quality of EGA girls may be seen again on Sunday’s Politics Show which will be coming live from the school.


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