One good thing, perhaps the only good thing, about the MPs’ expenses scandal is that it has pushed constitutional reform issues up the agenda.

Charter ’88, now part of Unlock Democracy, has been plugging away on this agenda for over 21 years. Now there is an upsurge of other organisations on similar lines from 38 Degrees to Power2010. With all these numbers in their titles, perhaps we should group them as Democracy2.0

Power2010 has been promoting its ballot on various reform pledges; many of them, from fairer votes to the right to recall your MP, will be familiar to Liberal Democrat supporters. Another Power2010 pledge I’m backing is to scrap ID cards. NO2ID activists will be joining forces with Power2010 at their first London activists’ meeting. It’s next Tuesday 16th February, 6-8pm at ULU on Malet Street, WC1E 7HY.


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  1. […] ballot on which reform pledges you most want the next government to fulfil. As I’ve blogged before, these include lots of excellent ideas, including fairer votes, fixed term parliaments, ending ID […]

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