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It’s not just the postmen who are negotiating the snow and ice to get out their deliveries.

Lib Dems have traditionally placed a great emphasis on our letters and leaflets, ever since the late, great, and much-loved David Penhaligon told us that if you have something to say, put it on a bit of paper and put it through people’s letterboxes.

(I always think of David at this time of year; he died 23 years ago tomorrow, on an icy road, while visiting postmen in the runup to Christmas.)

Islington Lib Dem supporters have been doing just that, in some of the nastiest weather, to ensure that our message gets across in what is one of the most marginal seats in the country. We have an amazing team.

And it’s worth the effort, because of the fantastic responses we are getting, whether it’s survey forms arriving at the office, emails from new supporters offering help, or the many warm words I’m getting from my fellow residents.

This weekend, on a very chilly Saturday I spent the afternoon calling round on new supporters, ranging from students to pensioners, health workers to web designers; four of them are now our newest deliverers!

A couple of the leaflets have even made it onto the internet. The Straight Choice site encourages people to upload leaflets they receive: our clear message about how close things are here – I’m just 484 votes behind Labour, with Conservatives in a very distant third place – has caught people’s attention.



  1. Dan said

    It would be good to be able to ‘opt out’, though … you and Homes For Islington constitute the vast majority of non-takeaway menu paperwork that comes through my door. I have an email address which I do tend to pay attention to …

  2. David Nettleton said

    David Penhaligon is my role-model. I’m an Independent councillor in Bury St Edmunds and I campaigned for six years before being elected in 2003. Leafletting, case work, letters to the local paper, are what got me known. Keep it up!

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