Biofuels: Islington joins the good guys

I’ve blogged before about biofuels and the growing concern that growing food for fuel is the opposite of sustainability.

Unless we can curb demand for fuel, through energy efficiency and more sustainable transport, all that we risk doing is converting land away from food production to growing fuel; or if the fuel is made from food crops, pricing the latter out of the reach of poorer communities.

But not all biofuels are bad. Recycling used vegetable oil for fuel is a brilliant idea, and I’m pleased that Islington Council is joining in. Used kitchen oil from Islington restaurants will be used to fuel three of the borough’s waste trucks.

I hope they can convert them all over to use waste oil. It’s a win-win-win, saving money, saving waste, reducing carbon emissions. Talking of which, compared to the rotten eggs whiff from catalytic converters, the chip shop smell from cooking oil is quite endearing.


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