Islington’s blooms are best in London

The Britain in Bloom results are out.

Islington has scooped an impressive 10 awards, including Best in London.

This is a proud achievement for any borough, but how fantastic for our small, densely populated one. Especially when you think that for all those years under Labour, the Council never bothered to enter, and criticised the hanging baskets programme as a waste of money.

The flowers along our busiest roads lighten people’s mood, soften the ugly railings, help boost local shops and counter the pollution. What’s not to like?

Finsbury has done particularly well, with awards for the St Luke’s Centre in Central Street (they’ve recently expanded from floral displays into allotments), the remodelled grounds of Gambier House and the courtyards at the Peabody estate off Whitecross Street. I’m looking forward to meeting Cllr Ruth Polling to visit some of the winners later today.

Islington’s awards show that sometimes the people and places with the least open space appreciate it most.


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