Furious with M&S

What to wear at conference is always a bit of an anxiety for me, and I guess other women candidates too.

I’ve been far too busy campaigning to go clothes shopping recently, but packing induced mild panic: so I sublimated some of my last minute wardrobe worries with ordering a couple of extra things online.

Good old M&S I thought. I know their stuff fits me, and they offer delivery on a specific day, including next day delivery, for an extra charge. So I placed my order, paid extra to have it delivered today, and stopped worrying.

But no package. Not even a note to say it had been left with next door when I came back from lunch. I checked the order on the website: Not yet despatched. Not good.

After hunting in the website small print, I found the phone number, and gave them a ring. A helpful chap called Hussain explained that because one of the items on my order was out of stock (despite being reported as in stock when I ordered it earlier this week) the whole order had been delayed. Despite my paying extra for a specific delivery date. And with no attempt to contact me and let me know. Nor even any explanation on the order-tracking website.

If asked, I’d have gladly taken what was available rather than miss the whole lot. Are shoppers really supposed to put each item on a separate order, and pay a separate delivery charge for each, to avoid such problems? We are not amused.

I’ve cancelled my order, without charge. So M&S will have to survive the recession without my business, for now. And my conference wardrobe will do just fine as it is.

Incidentally I notice that in their latest ad, M&S have Lewis Hamilton flogging kids’ sweatshirts. Maybe they should use him as a delivery driver instead!


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  1. Jennie said

    I’ve never understood the panicking about clothes thing. I look like a bag of rags even in a taffeta ballgown, though… I shall be wearing my usual black jeans and dodgy t-shirt combo, and you can spot me by my purple hair 😉

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