Top Lib Dem blogs

There has been a flurry of excitement in the Lib Dem blogosphere and beyond about this year’s Total Politics listing of the top Lib Dem blogs.

Last year I was just in the top 50. This year they’ve listed the top 75 and I’m not (except as part of the collective Lib Dem Blogs). This is, I hasten to add, a good thing, reflecting the growth in the quantity and quality of Lib Dem blogging over the last year. Mark Valladares is kind enough to mark my passing!

Among the bright new bloggers are the new no 1 Charlotte Gore; and Mark Thompson, whose MarkReckons blog is deservedly straight in at no 5. My PPC buddy Katy Gordon is there too.

If Mark V is an old friend, Mark R is a new one after he came to interview me in Islington last weekend. He squeezed in the interview over lunch – and in between joining in two door-knocking sessions – on one of our campaign days. I respect his blogging all the more now I know he takes his politics beyond the keyboard.

Honourable mention to another established top 10 blogger, James Graham, who helps with leaflet deliveries in Islington. Other bloggers are naturally also welcome to emulate the master…..


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