Islington Remembrance Project

When the new war memorial – which I love – was unveiled at Islington Green, once of the criticisms made was that it did not have the names of the war dead.

This was despite the fact that the previous war memorial had not had names, and neither do many others, notably the Cenotaph. It’s also very difficult to maintain names on war memorials at a time when, sadly, our troops are still being killed every week.

Islington’s innovative solution is to have a living Book of Remembrance, and research is well underway.

According to John Shepherd, who is working on compiling the Book of Remembrance, “this will have the names and as much detail as possible about every individual born or who lived in the Borough, civilian and servicemen/women, who lost their lives as a result of warfare during the 20th century. To date we have compiled details for 10,000 individuals as well as many thousands of their close relatives (as next-of-kin, parents, spouses and siblings). The modern Borough of Islington comprises districts such as Islington itself, Finsbury, Canonbury, Barnsbury, Highbury, St. Luke’s, Clerkenwell, Holloway and parts of Highgate, Tufnell Park and Finsbury Park.”

He adds: “If you believe you have information about a family member who came from what is now Islington or who lived there at the time of their death, through conflict (Second Boer War, WW1, WW2 or any other 20th century conflict, civilian or military), I would be most grateful to hear from you. Our aim is to try to embellish the biographies of each person with additional detail – especially media such as images. Reminiscences would also be extremely welcome. The aim is for the Book of Remembrance to go live later this year.”



  1. David Brinkley said

    David Brinkley
    Would like to help you with your book, he asmost of the Brinkley and
    information about a family member who came from what is now Islington or who lived there
    Best regards Bill Binkley

  2. Paul Lomas said

    I Would like to help to compile your book.

  3. martin said

    hello i am leaving this message in the hope someone can help
    my late mother and family lived in ireton road off holloway road
    the family name was walker
    her uncle bill lived near by withe there aunt mary and cousins
    dennis joyce and ernie who all killed in a v rocket attack
    in the spring of 1945 does any one remember them

  4. Hi there, my name is susan olive. was spelman and me and all my family lived at number 42 ireton road. and i do recall that name. my mothers name was nora scott and there was quite a lot of them. i left there when they pulled the houses down in 1970, not sure if that is any help.

  5. Rhonda Smith said

    Hi My family all originate from Ireton Road I am in my 40s and left Ireton when the council demolished it for a bloody park!!!’
    My great gran Mrs Scott lived there along with my granddad and his brothers and sisters.My mum married and lived there also.My mum has told us many times about the sad story of a family being killed by a rocket int the war.Her mother (my nan ) remembered it well.
    By all accounts Ireton was a happy place to live a community where everyone looked out for everyone else .

    Rhonda Smith

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