Kodak in Clerkenwell

The Daily Mail has an article with some interesting old photos of London and beyond.

I was intrigued by the Kodak shop, which the Mail says is in Clerkenwell: but where? According to Nachphoto, it’s Kodak’s head office, in Clerkenwell Road, and the photo was taken in 1902.

The building was designed by George Walton, a Glaswegian designer and architect who came to London in 1897. Examples of his furniture are here. There’s a photo of the interior here, when it was Head Office of the Eastman Photographic Materials Company, and you can certainly see Walton’s style.

Today the site of the building is a mix of shops and cafes; Kodak has long since relocated its HQ to a tower block in Hemel Hempstead.

Meanwhile, as one of the Mail readers has spotted, even in those days they were digging up the roads…



  1. David Mery said

    Here’s a more recent view of these buildings.

    On the 1902 pic, it looks like the building was facing a road where there’s now the car park that used to be a petrol station.

    br -d

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  3. bridgetfox said

    Thank you to Jonathan Calder for mentioning this in his Brit blog Roundup

  4. @AlisonW said

    Actually, Kodak long ago moved out of their big tower blog in Hemel …

  5. Andy Wild said

    This one is easy. The building on the right hand side is Turnmills which hasnt changed taken from Clerkenwell Green.


  6. ruth said

    hi Bridget,
    I am currently finishing a book about Holloway Road and would like to use one of your images..the hanging baskets..
    I work for an arts charity called Rowan Arts.Unfortunately we have no budget to pay but we would acknowledge you…
    Please phone..07958 589229

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