Sky News values

Last month I signed up for the Sky News Panel.

I was attracted by their pitch that this was my opportunity to share my views on a variety of topics and issues which interest me. So great excitement when my first survey invitation arrived on Friday. What would it be? Iran perhaps, or Parliamentary reform? The recession or swine flu? No, it was this:

The untimely death of Michael Jackson has dominated the news for the last week. We would like to know how he will be remembered, so we are running a survey exploring some of the issues surrounding his music and his life.

Ho hum.



  1. I nearly signed up for this myself and then I remembered that it was Sky and didn’t bother.

    Thanks for vindicating my decision!

  2. Funnily enough, Bridget, I am in the same boat, in that I signed up about a month ago and this was the first questionaire I received, also. But I used to be a deejay so I rather enjoyed answering it.

    I noticed that, as I filled out the application to be on the panel, the questions were the standard ones (what age are you? – how many people are there in your household? – which newspapers do you read?) which you get asked when some company is trying to hook you onto their marketing database. So I was instantly even more cynical than I would normally be with anything to do with Sky.

  3. bridgetfox said

    Mentioned in:

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