Too busy to blog… or too hot

It’s been another madly busy (and hot!) few days and I’ve struggled to find time to blog – even though there’s so much to write about.

My thoughts on government climbdowns, heatwaves, Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin will all have to wait. Possibly forever.

But I’ve not been idle. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve:
– appeared as panellist on Radio 5 Live Richard Bacon show
– supported the Save Finsbury Health Centre fundraiser
– visited the National Garden Scheme open day in Clerkenwell
– met Holloway residents to talk about recycling
– chaired Pizza & Politics event with Cory Doctorow
– appointed a new Headteacher for St Andrew’s School
– spoke at a candidates’ training day
– enjoyed the Maggie exhibition at the Cartoon Museum
– led the prayers at the service welcoming Martine Oborne to St Mary’s
– attended the Canonbury Society summer party
– led deliverer recruitment sessions
– appeared on LBC’s ‘Politicians’ Panel’
– joined the celebrations at the Jubba achievement awards
– met Lib Dem school governors
– enjoyed a social event for Lib Dems in Cally ward.

Will try and blog about at least some of these in the coming week. And today I’m dropping by my church awayday en route to joining the Lib Dem contingent at London Pride. Possibly a unique combo?



  1. neil craig said

    You could always blog about our “police” dissecting 1,300 innocnt people while they were still alive.

    So either it is too unimportant to be worth discussing, after all they were only Untermensch, or, knowing that the LibDem party were acttively involved in this obscenity you think it wiser to censor.

  2. bridgetfox said

    Neil, I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about. Post me a link to the info about this and I’ll gladly read and respond.

  3. neil craig said

    Here is the one about our “police” engaging in organlegging. Obviously if our government & media weren’t Nazis this would have had coverage far exceeding anything to do with the Gaza war.
    For further on all the other aspect’s of our government’s war crimes & genocide see the Yugoslavia sections of

    While the official reason I was expelled from the party was because I was an economic liberal I am told that that was a front & it was actually because I am an opponent of war crimes, genocide & worse which says much about those now in it.

  4. neilfutureboy said

    I take it you have decided that if you ignore the proof of your party’s involvement in genocide & worse it doesn’t count.

    • bridgetfox said

      Hello Neil

      I don’t doubt there were atrocities in the former Yugoslavia and Albania. War is hell and civil war even more hellish. And just because there is not enough evidence to bring war crimes charges in every case does not necessarily mean those atrocities did not happen.

      But to leap from that to calling Paddy Ashdown a nazi or say that Lib Dems are involved in genocide is illogical, unfair, untrue, and deeply offensive.

      Others can follow your links in your comments above, and make their own mind up.

  5. bridgetfox said

    Sorry Neil

    I do not like censorship but I have unapproved your last comment.

    My blog policy is that comments on individual posts are welcome, but I reserve the right to edit or remove posts containing offensive language.

    • neilfutureboy said

      You “do not like censorship” but you like the truth much less. If you had kept your promise “and I’ll gladly read and respond” then it would not be obvious you already know everything I said is completely true.

  6. bridgetfox said


    I did read your links, and my response is in my comments above (how else would I know you were talking about Paddy Ashdown?).

    I removed your previous comment, not because of your views, but because of the offensive language you used to express them. I have left your other comments and links up here so that people can form their own views.

  7. neilfutureboy said

    “calling Paddy Ashdown a nazi or say that Lib Dems are involved in genocide is illogical, unfair, untrue, and deeply offensive”

    was not a response because it made no attempt whatsoever to respond to any of the very specific things I said. Is it your claim that Ashdown did not assist (ex?)Nazis publicly committed to genocide & that the LibDems did not support criminal wars to assist people they knew to be involved in genocide? If so what is your answer to the specific evidence that they did support that war & those massacres, enslavement, genocide?

    Anything less is simply genocide denial in an obviously less honourable manner than David Irving who, at least, attempts to respond to counter-arguments.

    What, PRECISELY, do you claim is unfair, untrue or indeed illogical about accusing Ashdown & the LibDems of very specific war crimes, genocide & worse in a detailed & verified manner.

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