Business recycling

This week is Recycle Week, on the credit-crunchy theme of Let’s Waste Less.

Islington Council has more information online. There are lots of recycling schemes out there, but getting the information to people is crucial.

While were sheltering from the storm in the pub on Monday I had a good chat with the licensee. She has piles of bottles to recycle, and was regretting the limited opportunities for glass recycling from the main trade waste contractors. It doesn’t help that the inevitable government targets for councils are all about domestic recycling, plus business rates go off to the Treasury and don’t cover local trade waste services. Even small firms have to find and fund their own recycling. One option is to use a specialist contractor such as Paper Round.

Meanwhile in the Angel Business Improvement District, there’s a new scheme to collect paper for recycling, starting with firms based in St John Street, Pentonville Road, Penton Street and White Lion Street.



  1. Recycling said

    Online resource for finding local recycling centers – learn how to recycle and protect the environment at

  2. Mark said

    In support of recycle week the teams at and will be blogging their recycling exploits each day so please visit are recycling page to see what we have been up to during the week.

    However to give you a little taster of what they are planning to do they have chosen to carry out the following tasks/pledges;
    – Look out for Gadgets / products which help with you with your recycling tasks and pledges.
    – Raise awareness of public recycling bins and types off
    – Recycle my food by using left overs for lunch each day.

    You can now go to the Recycle Now website to make your pledge.

    Also as bonus if you sign up to during Recycling Week we will give you an extra 100 joining points. Use offer code ‘recyclenow’.

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