Walking for Bradley

At the weekend I blogged about the tragic death of Bradley Carty, a teenager from Clerkenwell, who drowned on a day trip abroad.

I was very moved to hear about Bradley’s death and the struggles his family had to bring him home. At 19, on a day trip, travel insurance is the last thing on your mind. Yet it can cost thousands of pounds to bring someone home for burial, a huge bill to face at a time of terrible bereavement.

So I was glad to be among over 100 family and friends of Bradley who took part in a sponsored walk around Islington and Finsbury on Sunday, to honour his memory and help raise funds.

The weather was sunny, and the mood of the walkers was upbeat despite the sadness for Bradley. Even the drivers who had to wait while we crossed various roads were (mostly!) patient and supportive.

At a time when our youth are often criticised, I want to pay tribute to the young people who organised the walk, gave up their Sunday to take part, and raised over £1600 towards a lasting memorial for Bradley. We should all be very proud of them.

Sharon Smith, Bradley’s mum, is hoping to put the funds towards a memorial bench or possibly a life-saving course in his memory.

Losing a child is probably the worst thing that can happen to a family. Nothing can bring Bradley back. But I hope the love his friends showed will be some comfort to Bradley’s family going forward.


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