Mobiles: time to go ex-directory?

I think it’s good that people can find my landline in the phonebook (or more likely via directory enquiries) and get in touch if they want to.

But it does mean that I get plagued by sales calls, some of which are worse than others.

The worst example was the man clearly digging around for an ambulance chaser. He started by saying it was a survey into accident rates: had anyone in my household had an accident in the last few years? No. He then said he was sure someone in my family had had an accident, could I think who, maybe another relative? No. And who was this research for? According to my caller, ‘The National Transport Department’. No such body… Who was he really working for? He wouldn’t say.

Of course I can screen the calls on my landline, and for the calls that matter, there’s my mobile. But now that’s going to be in a directory too. As Keith Appleyard explains, a new mobile phone directory launches next week. If someone wants your number they won’t give it out, but will send you a text alerting you.

The service has not gone live yet, so if you want to go ex-directory before it does, you can do so here.


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