Sunny St Mary’s

Another successful campaign day yesterday.

The weather was gorgeous and it was a joy to be out delivering leaflets before work. In the evening, I was out with Cllr Emily Fieran-Reed and our St Mary’s ward team, plus Euro candidate Chris le Breton, calling on voters and giving out posters ahead of Thursday’s poll.

Islington Council and Homes for Islington have worked wonders in getting working security doors on virtually every council block now. Which is great news for tenants but makes life harder for campaigners.

Maybe all that sun had gone to my head but I managed to exit from the wrong door from one of the blocks and found myself in the communal back garden – with no obvious way to get out: the door back into the block needed a keyfob. So I took the chance to chat to an older couple enjoying the sunshine, and they let me out – after confiding that yes, this time they are voting Lib Dem. Perhaps I should take a wrong turn more often.

Afterwards I was attempting to demonstrate the joys of Twitter for posting campaign updates. “You can even update your Facebook status when you are out and about,” I said airily, “Look, I’ll text it now”. Text message was duly sent, and colleagues promised to look out for it on FB. It was only this morning I realised there was no signal, the text had not been sent, and so no update. More twit than twitter….


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