Sarah’s my number 1

On Thursday night I was part of a posse of 16 Lib Dems out canvassing in Islington with our #1 Euro candidate, Sarah Ludford.

Sarah’s not only our MEP but an Islington resident and former local councillor for Clerkenwell, so she was very much on home ground. It was inspiring to see her in action, connecting with the bread & butter issues that people were raising and showing how positive action in Europe could help. The trail of orange posters going up in her wake was very encouraging!

As well as all the campaigners, Sarah had a UK TV crew and an Italian journalist in tow. He told me that earlier in the week he’d been shadowing a Labour candidate, and been met with slammed doors and abuse in the street: none of that for the Lib Dems.

The TV cameraman kept filming the back of our feet as we walked down the street (like those old title scenes for ‘The Bill’) – most unfair: now there’s another bit of the candidate’s wardrobe to worry about. I’m not sure when our heels will hit the screens but when I find out, I’ll post a link.

Meanwhile, I’ve just caught up with Sarah’s appearance on Sunday’s BBC Politics Show (about 30 minutes in) as part of a rather noisy panel of Euro candidates.

I know I’m biased, but Sarah seemed to me to be miles ahead of the others in giving clear and honest answers to the questions rather than launching into a rant. She pointed out, for example, that 2M Brits benefit from being able to live and work elsewhere in the EU; and how she has used EU laws to force our own government to clean up the river Thames.

I’ve already cast my postal vote for the Lib Dems for the Euros, hoping to get not only Sarah but also Jonathan Fryer elected, and the best possible result for the whole Lib Dem team.

If you are still a floating voter, then try VoteMatch to see how the parties meet your priorities.


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  1. Caroline siegel said

    It’s a bit dishonest on your part to overlook the fact that Sara Ludford is the wife of former Islington council leader Steve Hitchens who was the highest paid councillor in London. And with Ms Ludford’s EU liberal expenses they must have raked a tidy sum between them. It has been revealed last week on Question time that MEP receive £200.000 allowance with no receipts or questions asked. I guess this is an incentive to seek a re-election.
    Politics must be sanitised before people have confidence that those who seek to represent us, wether as MP or MEP, do put the national interest b efore their own interest in feathering their own beds.

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