A Women’s Agenda in a time of sleaze and recession

I’ve received the following message worth sharing:

A Women’s Agenda in a time of sleaze and recession – June 2009

Just over a year ago we ran a quick survey to find out your thoughts on voting in the local and Mayoral elections of May 2008. A year later some of us have the opportunity to cast our votes in local elections as well as in the European elections. So we thought we would re-run the survey to see how, if at all, your political concerns and priorities have changed.

And because in the past 12 months little has changed in relation to funding women’s core services such as rape crisis we want to ask that question again as well – see http://womensgrid.freecharity.org.uk/?p=2309.

However in the intervening 12 months we have all had to face the reality of the recession, banking practices creating a crisis in our financial systems and more recently revelations of sleaze in our Parliamentary system.

So we thought we would ask some additional questions on how any of these have impacted on you personally and on your voting intentions and faith in politics as practiced in the UK.

We realise that not everyone will be having local elections but either way please do add your opinions to help us create a picture of women’s political priorities across the country.

The survey will stay open until 10pm on Tuesday 2nd June and we hope to get the results published the following evening, ie Wednesday 3rd June.

You can complete the survey online at

If you have any problems with this online survey because of accessibility issues we can send you a version as a word document. Please contact us – post@womeninlondon.org.uk – thanks!


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  1. Jeanius said

    HI, we had elections too here in South Africa. The DA (Democratic Alliance) won in the Western Cape. Helen Zille is the new premier having given up her mayoral position in Cape Town. She promptly put together an all male cabinet which set the cat amongst pigeons. Worse: this cabinet is not only all male, it is predominantly white. She could apparently not find suitable candidates amongst the blacks in general (including vast coloured vote) and the women that voted her into position. She said that people who voted ANC had no brains or some such such thing and now demonstrates that those that voted for her (especially blacks and women) do not , according to her judgement, have any either.

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