Accident on Pentonville Road

I’ve just got word of another accident involving a pedestrian trying to cross the road.

This time it happened at the junction of Pentonville Road and Penton Rise where a number 30 bus apparently collided with a 14 year old girl, presumably on her way home from school.

I’m told that the girl is at UCLH and is waiting for X-rays and scans and that the police are doing a full investigation.

This is little more than a month from another serious accident on Essex Road.

And many months after the Clerkenwell councillors first raised the dangerous state of the Penton Rise junction for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Boris talks a lot about safety, but what we need at Penton Rise is action!


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  1. Didi Mae said

    I was knocked over a couple of meters from that junction in January last year. I was seriously injured and am aware that i was not the first of the last person to be hit in that area. If you have any information on how many people have been hurt on that juction i’d be very gratefull. It makes me angry that this is still happening.

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