Fox & Anchor

When Rich was still living in the Barbican, one of his locals was the Fox & Anchor in Charterhouse Street. It was a traditional pub, John, the resident landlord, was always welcoming, it was a pleasant quiet place for an evening drink – and provided us with some hearty breakfasts during the 2005 election campaign.

Then the owners suddenly decided to close the pub. John, his wife and baby were facing homelessness. Thankfully they got another pub, in Bath. There were various rumours about the future of the Fox & Anchor. First it was going to be a pizza place, then an Indian. What would happen to the lovely pub fittings, we wondered?

Well now it’s re-opened as a pub, albeit with an upmarket makeover. The new Fox & Anchor is owned by the Malmaison group, who already have the hotel nearly next door, and has some very chic rooms over the pub. It all looks wonderful, even if it will never quite be our local again.


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