Stabbing incident on the Cally

Last night I was hurrying along the Cally on the way to a school governor’s meeting when I saw two or three police cars pulled up, lights flashing, outside the petrol station near Cally Pool.

The word this morning is that three young people may have been stabbed, with one at least reported to be in a critical condition.

The state of the economy may have pushed knife crime out of the headlines, but it is clearly still an issue.



  1. RoughneckUK said

    There has been alot of black youths (i pressume of the same gang) congregating outside my mothers house on Clayton Crescent. Last friday there was about 30 of them just hanging around outside. This was just waiting to happen.

  2. Jane said

    I work on Cally road, and had heard about this. One of my colleagues was trying to cycle home that evening through there. She wasn’t allowed through, but she said she saw loads of blood on the road, and apparently at least one person has died. What if she had gone through there a little earlier, and had been caught up in all that?! doesn’t bear thinking about. I’ve still not seen anything about it in the papers or online though.

    It’s frightening when it happens just down the road from where you are, and makes you realise it could easily be going on anywhere, at any time.

  3. bridgetfox said

    More on this incident in the Islington Gazette:

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