Let there be (energy-efficient) light

Good news from Monday’s church council meeting.

Our church has adopted eco-congregation status and as part of this we got an energy audit done. Traditional church buildings are a nightmare to heat in an environmentally conscious way. In fact, they are a nightmare to heat full stop. High ceilings, big windows, and sometimes only used for a few hours a week. Our energy audit came up with lots of proposals: from lagging the roof space to replacing all the lights, converting the heating and installing solar panels.

And now Islington Council’s climate change fund has awarded us a grant towards the cost of the solar panels and the new lights, and advice on getting help with the rest. So often people have good ideas for going green, but just don’t have the capital to hand to make that investment. Islington’s climate change fund is a fantastic initiative and I hope other local groups will be encouraged to apply as well.

Several people on the church council are among those who gave up our £20 direct debit discount in order to boost the Climate Change fund. So we’re delighted by this kind of recycling!


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