Percy`s girlfriend

Percy has acquired a girlfriend – or could have if he was interested.

For the last week or so, a very pretty cat, with lots of fluffy caramel coloured hair and big blue eyes, has been sitting on our garden wall wailing amorously. She’s sweet and affectionate to humans too, so our attempts to shoo her away have been rather half-hearted and totally unsuccessful.

You think my fat old cat would be flattered. Sadly Percy has always been more inclined to make war than love (if it was a tomcat spoiling for a fight, he’d be out there like a shot) and has reacted to her attentions by retreating indoors and curling up on the bed – alone.

So much for the joys of spring!


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  1. Helen Elsom said

    Perhaps Percy just prefers gentlemen cats? It happens to a lot of young girls… Maria Casares’ soulful expression as Nathalie in Les Enfants du Paris was allegedly due in part to her unrequited love for Marcel Herrand, who played Lacenaire and who was exclusively gay. Could you show your caramel charmer the movie?

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