Joy and sadness in Tottenham

Last night I was at the Londra Gazette Ball at the Regency Ballroom in Bruce Grove.

The Londra Gazette is rightly proud of its unique role as the Turkish community newspaper for London, published in both Turkish and English. The ball was a joyful event, with family groups as well as VIPs, and we all enjoyed the Turkish dancing after dinner. The Regency Ballrooms are regularly used for Turkish wedding celebrations and for many of the guests, it’s a place of happy memories.

I was pleased to be there as a guest of the Liberal Democrat Friends of Turkey. Our table had a mix of young professionals, working in higher education, pharmaceuticals, law and the City. They embody the positive contribution diversity brings to London.

And getting the night bus home, with a typical London mix on board, I felt totally safe, at home, and proud of our city.

It’s doubly shocking therefore to read of the shooting last night of a young man just yards from Bruce Grove in Broadwater Road. I feel for his family and friends, losing a loved one. I hope the police find the criminals quickly. But most of all I hope north Londoners won’t be afraid to lead happy confident positive lives together in our diverse city.


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