Kings Cross: a bridge too far?

Last week I brought GLA member Caroline Pidgeon to see the situation at Wharfdale Road.

At present there is a side entrance to Kings Cross station, greatly valued by local people and the hundreds of workers now based at Kings Place. That entrance will now close then the station is rebuilt.

The new glazed entrance at the bottom of York Way is looking good but will be ‘exit only’ when it comes into use. The only entrance will be on the St Pancras side. Under current plans, pedestrians from Islington will have to brave the canyon of York Way – a nightmare at present with the station scaffolding up – and the pollution of the Euston Road: or trek north to the rat run of Goods Way.

So we’re campaigning for a bridge, in line with the original Battlebridge Road, to preserve access to and through the new Kings Cross. Without that, the regenerated Kings Cross Central will be less open to Islington residents than ever, undermining all the supposed regeneration benefits to our community.

Caroline has tabled a question to Mayor Boris Johnson: Can you outline how TfL intends to progress the pre-feasibility study currently being carried out by Islington Council into a replacement pedestrian bridge between Wharfdale Road and St. Pancras Way at King’s Cross station?

We’ve had this reply: TfL has helped fund this pre-feasibility study and will consider Islington’s report and business case when it is received in April.

So watch this space!

Meanwhile another bridge at KX has fallen victim to the credit crunch (hat tip to Will Perrin). The glass bridge would have provided pedestrian access over the canal at the entrance to the Kings Cross central development.


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