Planet Organic: stop selling bottled water

When the Planet Organic store first opened on Essex Road last year, I was quite excited.

It’s not somewhere I’d shop every day, but it’s nice to know it’s there. But as I pass it every time I go to the Angel or beyond, I’ve got increasingly irritated by the display of bottled water in the window.

Planet Organic, after all, prides itself on being a green, healthy choice. And selling bottled water is neither.

I’ve written to the company as follows:

“I am very disappointed to see that the Planet Organic store in Islington sells bottled water. This is completely at odds with your ethos and sends a dangerous message that bottled water is a respectable environmental choice. It is not.

“Producing and delivering a litre of bottled water emits hundreds of times as much greenhouse gas as a litre of tap water. In the UK, we spend approaching £2 billion on bottled water when a billion people around the world don’t have safe water. Importing water takes this most essential resource from more needy communities. Shipping water violates every principle of food miles. And using plastic bottles is environmentally irresponsible.

“I have searched your website in vain for any reference to selling water or your policy on this topic.

“Planet Organic has been proud of its record on plastic bags, which makes this particularly disappointing. Ignorance is no defence. You have already shown that you know better.

“I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible that you will be withdrawing bottled water from your stores.”

I’ll post any reply when I get it. In the meantime, if you support this campaign, please join the Facebook group and get your friends to join too.



  1. Speaking Spirit said

    To you and every ignorant person who is against bottled.
    This is just your opinion and your opinion is owned by marketing companies, you are not even thinking before you are speaking.
    Before you start on bottled water, did you know that bottled water sales are still only represent about 15% of total non alcoholic beverage sales.
    Did you know that it takes over 15 litres of water to make 1 litre of coke.
    Dis you know that it takes way more resources to make a soft drink PET bottle as they need to be strong enough for the poison inside to be stored properly.

    STOP this very minute, you and the rest of the sheep, the unthinker, stop complaining about bottled water.
    PRAISE it, as it is THE BEST action or movement the world has taken, to drink more water, start thinking when what would happen if we all drank enough water, imagine how healthy and happy we all could be, start thinking about the problems of dehydration and the number death it causes every year.

    AND if there are people who can’t get fresh water in some remoter areas and for some political or financial reason they can’t have water, great, they can always transport them bottled water.

    What you should be against is the poisonous silent killers, the soft drink beverages in particular coca cola, pepsi, and energy drinks.

    These are the ones that use the most resources to make and cause the biggest health danger to us and to our planet.

    I encourage you to start posting messages of praise to who ever if offering you water, whether in bottle or not so that when and where ever you, you can always have drinking water available to you, not soda drinks.

    I hope this will make you actually think and start to act positively and proactively rather than be a sheep and follow the opinions of the non thinkers.

    Speaking Spirit
    water is life.

  2. Dear Bridget

    At Planet Organic we believe wholeheartedly that safe, seasonal and
    sustainable organic food is fundamental to good health and natural

    We think long and hard about what we sell; how it has been grown and how
    far it has travelled. Taking care of these things helps us all to take
    better care of ourselves, our families and our environment.

    We understand your concern over the packaging of water but we are not
    importing water from countries that have water shortages and we use
    plastic with all types of foods – it is impossible to avoid it.

    Planet Organic promotes Life, a mineral water sourced from Soil
    Association accredited land in Pembrokeshire, where their carbon
    emissions are offset by planting shrubs, plants & trees in the
    catchment. All the materials are 100% recyclable. The Life Water
    facility uses green energy & bio diesel.

    We also believe that water is a basic human right, yet over a billion
    people in the world are without access to it. For every litre of Life
    Water sold at least one litre of clean drinking water will be provided
    to the developing community by the Drop4Drop charity. Planet Organic
    customers donated 142,170 litres of clean drinking water in 2008.

    Water is an essential ingredient of a healthy lifestyle & our customers
    expect us to have this as an alternative to sodas. Planet Organic
    customers can also refill their water bottles free of charge from one of
    our Aquathin reverse osmosis machines located in our Westbourne Grove &
    Torrington Place stores.

    We don’t claim to have solved all the issues but we are doing our best
    to help where we can.

  3. bridgetfox said

    Thank you to Planet Organic for taking the time to give such a detailed response and it’s good to know of your work supporting development work.

    Life water is certainly not the only brand on sale in the Islington store and the range there includes some very mainstream brands which do not offer any particular benefits.

    The water dispenser sounds interesting. Are there plans to install one in all your branches?

  4. At present there are no immediate plans to install reverse osmosis machines in to the remaining stores, but that may well change.

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