Stop Clause 152

I’ve received this message from Phil Booth of the NO2ID campaign:

“Please join the Stop Clause 152! facebook group and act NOW to preserve privacy, confidentiality and trust.

“I know some of you have already written to your MP on this issue – thank you! – but it’s vital we keep the pressure up, and that *every* MP is getting the same clear message from lots and lots of their constituents: WE REFUSE TO CONSENT.

“We’re still only in the early stages, and already Jack Straw is nervous. We may need to take the battle to the Lords and beyond – so keep an eye on the Stop Clause 152! group, sign up for NO2ID’s newsletter if you don’t get it already and tell everyone that you know.

“Together, we can stop this.”

For more on the notorious Clause 152, see Phil Booth’s article, and my previous blogpost.


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