Choose what you read

Here’s a novel idea.

Choose What You Read is a scheme where people are invited to share and return books – a sort of DIY library – as an alternative to the throwaway freesheets that now dominate commuter reading.

They will be out this evening from 17.00-19.00 at Liverpool Street, Waterloo, Westminster, Euston and Paddington. Or at least I think they will. Their website confusingly refers to Friday 2 March. So I guess if they aren’t there tonight, look again on Friday….



  1. I think this is great idea… I always try and buy books used from amazon etc… I think books have more character the more people have read them… each and every person leaves a permination of their energy in the pages.

  2. Lisa said

    I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds like such a wonderful idea! Maybe I could also suggest that you get people to make their reading lists available (there are sites like where you can do this) so anyone can see it and get a feel for their preferences.

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