Being Human

I really don’t know what to make of ‘Being Human’ except to say that I am loving it.

It’s uncharacterisable. It starts out like one of those ‘This Life’ dramas about good-looking young professionals house-sharing in somewhere slightly offbeat, in this case a shabby-chic bit of Bristol. Except that the housemates are a ghost, a vampire and the sweetest werewolf you could ever hope to meet (as long as it’s the right time of the month). All trying to be as human as possible.

The cast is fantastic, the central trio of course – Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, and the wonderful Russell Tovey – but also a scene-stealing turn from a villainous Jason Watkins.

There are rom com moments. And moments of sheer farce, as well as occasional terror. The series has got darker as it’s gone on, with storylines about domestic violence, witch-hunting mobs, and the nature and purpose of death. Oh, and a vast vampire conspiracy.

The last episode is next week, but if you’ve missed it, worry not. If there’s any justice Series 1 will be repeated and/or out on DVD soon AND there’ll be a Series 2. Definitely worth the licence fee.



  1. Mick Smith said

    *** SPOILER ***

    I thought Herrick stuck on the house threshold, franticly hissing at George “ask me in” was creepy, but spot on.

  2. Yas said

    Ive just watched episode 5! OH MY GOSH! I feel like crying- it was AMAZING!

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