Improving Highbury Corner


This morning I was up and out early to meet residents and local councillors at Highbury Corner.

There’s a bus stand next to Dixon Clark Court, and a long-standing beef of residents there is that some of the bus drivers using the stand keep their engines running – against all the rules – generating more noise and pollution.

There was already one bus on the stand, but as we advanced with our ‘Give us some peace & quiet’ posters, he drove off. That’s one solution to the problem… Shortly afterwards another bus rolled up and we got our protest pic before rushing off to work. Though not before one of the TMO activists had told me that as a lifelong Labour supporter, he’s planning to vote Lib Dem next time. Not a bad start to the day!

This morning’s protest is just the start. Lib Dem GLA member Caroline Pidgeon has tabled a question to Mayor Boris Johnson on the subject, and we’ll be watching keenly for the response.

Meanwhile the Council is keeping plans to improve Highbury Corner on the agenda. The changes championed by council leader James Kempton were backed by residents in last year’s consultation. They include an improved post office (hooray – at present people end up queuing out on the pavement), converting the ‘gyratory’ to a more traditional street pattern, improving crossings and giving access to the greenspace.

The Council has earmarked £5M towards the plans; and is challenging the Mayor to match it.


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