Mapping crime in London

Worried about crime in your area?

Well, you can now access crime maps for the Met Police recorded crime figures for your area online.

Simply enter your postcode and you get an instant report: I tried my current postcode in a corner of St Peter’s ward where we’ve had real problems of street disorder over the last couple of years, the local shop has been attacked, we even had a murder.

Then my previous postcode in Barnsbury, where the street was quiet but we were burgled twice. Then the postcode before that where we had a completely crime-free time on a turning in Highbury.

All three came up as ‘crime rate: average’. So this might not be the most nuanced tool. Admittedly, it is interesting to see how many crimes have been reported in your neighbourhood, and how that varies from month to month. However there’s no distinction between say, domestic violence and a stolen car. So I’m not sure what the numbers tell us.

Interesting yes; but is it really useful?

I’m generally in favour of the more information the better. But I blogged on my scepticism over crime mapping last year. And I’d still rather Boris spent my council tax on reducing crime in my patch to ‘below average’ rather than telling me what we already have….

Although I’m sure that won’t stop me checking out all my friends’ postcodes in the meantime!



  1. crblogger said

    This is an interesting article you’ve written. I work for a crime mapping company in the US and we’ve been following British crime mapping. I’m writing a short article for our blog about some British citizens’ dissatisfaction with the new system. Do you mind if I quote a portion of this post and use you as a source? Of course, I’ll provide a link to this article so readers can view it in context. Thanks.

  2. […] Bridget Fox, a Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South & Finsbury said on her personal blog that she was under impressed by the new system. While looking up crime in areas that concerned her, […]

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