A heart-warming thank you

Saying thank you – like saying sorry – isn’t something people always bother to do these days.

So it was really touching to get a thank you note this week; “for your help, and your lib
dem team, for a speedy repair to my roof and decorating kitchen

I’d met this constituent – I’ll call him Joseph – back in the autumn. He’s the kind of proud pensioner who doesn’t like to ask for help, but the problems with his flat were beyond a joke. It was cock-up not conspiracy: a blocked gutter had been left and the damp had finally overflowed into his home. He’d raised it with his (Labour) councillors but nothing had been done; and he hadn’t liked to pursue it. And so the problem got worse.

Once I took it to the top, the problem got the attention Joseph deserved. I’m so glad it’s now been sorted out, and I’m really touched he took the trouble to say thank you. Joseph’s invited me for another cup of tea soon; smiles all round. And a reminder that politics is about people as much as policy.



  1. LubDims said

    I thought the Lib Dems ran Islington Council. Why are you blaming Labour Councillors? Surely it is the Lib Dem Executives’ responsibility to supervise the housing department and if the complaints process isn’t working properly and complaints are not dealt with, why have the Lib Dems not acted to correct it?

  2. bridgetfox said

    Thank you for your comment. This particular man lives in an area represented by Labour councillors and had not got very far with them. I honestly do not know why that was. However, I was glad to be able to help him.

    I take up cases all the time – the reason I blogged about this one is because the thank you note was touching, not to have a go at Labour. (Plenty of other opportunities to do that!)

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