Fashion Victims II

Not a B movie but an update by War on Want of their shocking report, Fashion Victims.

The original report, published in December 2006, exposed the appalling conditions of garment workers supplying some of the most popular UK highstreet names. Now Fashion Victims II reports that workers making clothes for Primark, Tesco and Asda are still being exploited, despite promises from companies to improve the lives of their workers.

I have a confession to make. Like millions of other women, I’ve got some Primark in my wardrobe. Back in 2002 I was away at a conference, and picked up a cotton nightshirt from Primark for a couple of quid, thinking at least it would last the week: it’s lasted much longer than that.

Good value for me, but at what cost to the unknown producers? Now I still love a bargain. But these days I prefer to get them by buying clothes that are discounted (try Brandalley or Lastseason) rather than dirt cheap to start with.

The European elections in June are an excellent chance to demand international action on basic employment rights, to ensure that the global market in clothing doesn’t exploit the very workers it’s supposed to benefit.


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