Anna, our living local treasure

The Tribune has the story.

Islington’s Lib Dem deputy Mayor, Cllr Anna Berent, faced down aggressive youths and their equally aggressive dog, with nothing more than her polite good sense. And it worked.

Anna has a winning combination of persistence and charm that gets things done. She persuaded the Screen on the Green to hold screenings of An Inconvenient Truth for Islington schools, long before the Government got on the bandwagon, and won a national Backbencher of the Year award as a result. She’s inspired her son Anthony to follow her into local politics.

At 82, Anna has the energy of colleagues more than half her age, and comes out canvassing and petitioning in all weathers. On polling day in 2002, she tripped over a step, went to A&E, then came back and carried on knocking up by phone, before turning up at the count on crutches. She is simply amazing.

What’s particularly touching is that Anna didn’t think her action was any big deal: she just mentioned it in passing at a council meeting. She may be modest, but do not underestimate her. Her colleague Cllr Greg Foxsmith has the last word: “I later found out that when she discovered a burglar in her own home she bit him and drove him off.”


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