We have snow…

…. and lots of it.

The snow has covered a multitude of sins – rusty railings are now picture perfect. The twigs and patchy grass of the winter garden have vanished like so much marzipan under an elegant curve of icing. The recycling box looks fur-trimmed.

Of course it’s easy to admire from the warm indoors.

I waved Rich off to work into a snowy square which really looked like a film set, with big flakes still falling. He’d been on the phone since 6am, checking which of his team can make it in from the wilds of Essex, and then set off himself soon after.

He’s not so much booted and suited as hiking booted and back-packed. Black gloves, green hat, blue scarf, brown boots and jeans, with suit in bag; not typical office wear but the right choice.

Appropriate dress is what gets the job done – or on a day like today gets you to work in the first place.
Something the idiots who try to prescribe what women should wear to work should bear in mind. Sometimes we’ve more to worry about than matching our skirts to our heels.


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