Heathrow expansion: close vote expected

It looks as if there will be a close vote in the Heathrow expansion debate today.

Labour are whipping furiously in favour of the third runway. Labour MPs flying back from Strasbourg will get their fare paid if they vote in favour, but not if they vote against.

Lib Dems are united against the runway. Some Labour MPs will rebel and vote with the Lib Dems (as I’ve asked our local MP to do). Andrew Slaughter has quit his PPS job to be free to vote against Heathrow: Emily Thornberry has no such sacrifice to make.

However, it’s also expected that some Conservative MPs will follow their party’s traditional pro-Heathrow stance, rebel against their leadership, and vote in favour. And as with the controversial vote on 42 days, the Labour government may also be looking to the Ulster Unionists to bail them out.

Watch this space….



  1. Councillor Andrew Cornwell said

    I noticed that in the end Thornberry failed to vote at all, despite claiming to be against the third runway. Here’s her ridiculous position as explained by the Guardian:

    ‘Emily Thornberry, Labour MP for Islington South, says that she is opposed to the third runway, but that she cannot support the Tory motion even though she signed the EDM. That’s because “the Tories have hijacked it”. She says it’s a “pro-expansion motion”. But she won’t support the government either. She will be cycling home instead when the vote is called.’

    Great representation for the people of Islington South there ! At least her counterpart in North Islington, Jeremy Corbyn, had the courage to vote against.

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