James Kempton becomes Islington’s Sir Alan….

Islington’s Lib Dem Council leader James Kempton is launching a London local government scheme to create 2,000 apprenticeships over the next three years.

I think this is a great idea – tackling the problems of unemployment and combatting the risk of social exclusion for a generation of young people. Local recruitment should help strengthen communities and the local economy – and even reduce pressure on over-crowded commuter transport.

This follows James’ recent piece in Lib Dem Voice about other ways the borough is trying to mitigate the impact of the recession.



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  2. Councillor Andrew Cornwell said

    Good scheme, but in reality Kempton and other London council leaders are more likely to be saying ‘You’re fired’.

    Evening Standard reports today that 575 London council jobs have been cut in the last six months and another 700 will go this year. In my view, that forecast is probably a severe underestimate.

    Kempton’s Islington plans to lose quite a few posts in next month’s budget as part of £13 million in efficiency savings, although more via ‘natural wastage’ than redundancy. When these apprentices finish, Islington’s workforce will be a lot smaller than it is today, as will most other London councils.

  3. […] But as the figures show, this general recession is hitting everyone. Plans for more local apprenticeships are one practical […]

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